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How To Get Perfect French Pronunciation of "Paris"

Ah Paris ! Such a beautiful city, with its charming & unique "cafés", "Métro" and of course "Parisians". But are you sure of your pronunciation of those French words ?

Let's disscuss a little bit on French words related to Paris. Have you ever wondered how to pronunce in French the word "Paris" ? With ParisByPod, you will soon be able to pronounce perfectly this French sentence.

Explanations for French sound "Paris"

Let's study more precisely the French pronunciation for "Paris". There are 2 syllabs / sounds in this sentence : pa - ri

The final s is not pronounced.
The associated adjective is parisien (male) and parisienne (female)

There are different ways to write this sound "ri": ris, ri, rit, ry

  • Souris
  • Riz
  • Rite
  • Rythme

Samples of French sentence with  "Paris"

And now some samples to help you in your French pronunciation of "Paris" word.

  • C'est un pari de venir à Paris en hiver.
  • Paris, c'est par ici !
  • Il habite à Paris.
  • Les Parisiens adorent Paris.

IPA International Phonetic Alphabet for French word "Paris"


Phonetic similarity of "Paris"

Getting perfect French pronunciation is quite tricky, since many sounds in French are pronounced the same way, while they are written differently.


Exercise for French pronunciation "Paris"

If you want to get perfect French pronunciation, just practice this French pronunciation exercise  ! Try to read those simple sentences, loudly and slowly first, then more & more fluently.

  • Paris sera toujours Paris.
  • Les Parisiens ont mauvaise réputation.
  • C'est à Paris que l'on trouve les meilleurs restaurants.
  • La plus belle avenue du monde se trouve à Paris : ce sont les Champs-Elysées.

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